Kaya Street Backstory

The name Kaya Street has been floating round my head as an artist name for many years. It's partially linked to my favourite record growing up as a kid 'Kaya' by Bob Marley and the Wailers. Since that age I’ve always had a fascination about different cultures and stories from across the world and after some reading I found the word Kaya is used in so many different languages. One particular translation was around the concept of a healing/resting place.

So for me, Kaya Street embodies a place to heal through the power of music.


In Jamaican slang - healer: marijuana

In Hinduism - ‘the vital heat or fire which runs through the entire system’

In Greek - pure

In Japanese - resting fields: home

In Zulu - resting place

In Hopi - wise child

In Turkisk - a rock

In Buddism - the physical/mental body