2023 will see the release of the debut album from Kaya Street. 

Dark|Light 2020 EP

A dark, bass driven ride through the apocalyptic events of 2020, Dark|Light 2020 is a brutal account of current global affairs and a passionate rebuke to rising global nationalism and regressive forces.

Made remotely during lockdown the album features musicians and singers from across the world: Nigeria, Argentina, America, Brazil, Mexico, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Jamaica, Cuba, Poland and the UK.

The Dark|Light 2020 sound is immersed in a fusion blend of dub reggae and afro-indie, dealing with the themes of political protests, climate change, surveillance capitalism, state terrorism, culture wars, toxic vanity, media manipulation, progressive internationalism and pandemic exposed worldwide inequalities.

of the EP Kaya says...

"The title Dark|Light 2020 derives from the idea that we are being sold all these new innovations, technology, governments, business empires and ways to run our society with the promise that they will bring something positive to our lives. The ‘Light’. But the more you look at it you see the corruption, the lies, the manipulation, the oppression, the greed, the turmoil, the exploitation and damage to our planet. So thats the ‘Dark|Light’. 

Particularly in 2020 there’s been so much happening with the pandemic and some really dark days. Put this together with a swathe of rising, inward-looking nationalism and growing worldwide inequalities, and a evermore cynical race to digitally control the political narrative with AI, data mining etc, that makes us turn on each other, I wanted to create something that would challenge those stories.

Organically the album has ended up being this international lockdown project that was only imaginable because of the way we’ve been thrust into doing things online in a new global digital world. As an experience its meant finding connections with musicians across continents, from all different cultures, time zones, and styles, all contributing their voices to this international music project. I’ve even ended up writing in some of their stories and experiences into the songs as well. 

For me this is about using my energy to speak up for others, against the powerful, and to do it in a way that celebrates the diverse but united, global artistic community".

Kaya Street music has featured on BBC Introducing and Sky TV and received outstanding reviews from the likes of Miniature Music Press, Bristol 24/7 and Bearded Magazine.

"Love it, love it, love it" James Santer, BBC Introducing, Radio Devon

"Music that simply couldn't be any easier on the ears" Miniature Music Press

"Dancing into Darkness is a leering blend of broken drums, deep bass and shimmering guitar...sparse and dark..." The Everyday Magazine

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