As an acoustic/semi acoustic act...Kaya Street (formerly performing as Kiah) brings you beautiful ballads, soulful melodies and a distinct West African guitar sound. 

Taking inspiration from a range of soulful singer/songwriter artist's and fusing this together with a love for world music, Kaya Street delivers heartfelt songs with originality.  With the delicate use of delay pedals and the occasional enhancement of looping the live performance is haunting, intimate and compelling.

Well suited to supporting touring bands, playing medium/small indie venues and lazy afternoon/late night chilled out festival slots...

...fuses shimmering, understated and folkishly beauteous melodies with hypnotic and rhythmic North African finger picked guitar. The result is a little like I would imagine the sound of Nick Drake being produced by Fela Kuti and John Renbourne. A unique and breathtaking combination.”

— Jolyon Holroyd, South West Producer of the Year 2015

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